Cannabis Trim Room Study

Effectiveness of Bluezone® Model 420 in a Cannabis Trim Room


In a month long test, Bluezone reduced microbial load in cannabis trim rooms by 90%.


Test effectiveness of Bluezone preservation technology in a cannabis trim room.

Methods and Materials

Microbial sampling was performed in the trim room.

  • 7,900 cubic foot room.
  • 4 separate days of testing performed.
  • No Bluezone 420 was in operation during day 1 and day 2 testing.
  • Testing days were a week apart.
  • A Bluezone 420 was installed after day 2 testing.
  • One Bluezone was operating during day 3 and 4 testing.
  • Testing days were a week apart.

Testing was conducted with an air sampling pump on MEA plates for fungi/mold and TSA plates for bacteria.

  • Air is pulled through an air pump onto two different types of agar plates, MEA and TSA.
    – MEA is a growth medium for fungi/mold
    – TSA is a growth medium for bacteria
  • Samples were taken for a duration of 20 minutes , 10 minutes , 5 minutes or 1 minute.
    – To determine the duration of samples, the airborne microbial load needs to be known in that given space.
  • After sampling, plates are placed in an incubator for 3-5 days.
    – CFUs (colony forming units) are counted on each plate and used to calculate CFU / m3.
    – A probable statistical total count was used to calculate the most accurate CFU / m3.


Test results from cannabis trim room air sampling shows microbial load decreased 90% after Bluezone operation. The graph and agar plates pictures below reveal how significantly Bluezone improved the air quality in the trim room.


Bluezone dramatically reduces microbial load in cannabis trim rooms.