Viral Kill Technology

Bluezone viral kill technology utilizes germicidal UV-C to clean the air of virus.

UV-C Bulbs

(4) UV-C bulbs inactivate airborne virus and disinfect the air

High Treatment Volume

High flow rate circulates the air quickly and continuously kills virus

Bluezone germicidal UV-C air cleaner

Oxidation Catalysts

Destroys VOCS and unpleasant odors

Bluezone Fresh Air

Purified air is returned to the space with significantly less airborne contaminants. Bluezone demonstrated a 99.9995% reduction of virus accepted as a SARS-COV-2 surrogate

Average NET % Reduction of Airborne Virus

Average NET Reduction

Model 450 Sizing Recommendations

Following Bluezone’s sizing chart reduces the risk of aerosol transmission as much as wearing a fabric face mask. For Model 450 product specifications please visit our viral kill product page

Viral Kill Tech Sizing Chart

Competitive Analysis

Bluezone technology outperforms ionizers, UV lamps, and particle filters.


Competitive Technology

Ionizers (Hydroxyl Radicals, Super Oxide Bipolar Ionization, Corona Discharge, Needlepoint Ionization and Other Ion Air Cleaners)

High-level Drawbacks

ASHRAE Statment: “Convincing scientifically-rigorous, peer-reviewed studies do not currently exist on this emerging technology; manufacturer data should be carefully considered.”

Particle Filters (HEPA filters)

Capturing particles rather than inactivating them. High efficiency filters in HVAC system can actually decrease ventilation rates. Difficult to replace filters without reintroducing particles back into the environment. MERV 13 filters (recommended by Ashrae capture only <50% of particles 0.1 –0.5 micron

Upper Room UVGI

Eye and skin damage risk of being in direct line-of-sight. Relies on natural convection to pass air over lights; air cleaning rates are not defined

Ozone Super Oxides, Reactive Oxygen, Plasma Generators and some Ionizers

Cannot be used in occupied spaces because ozone is a health hazard

UV Lamps in HVAC ducts

Not continuously killing because HVAC is not continuously running. When HVAC is running there’s not enough residence time around the UV lights to be fully effective.