Bluezone is a revolutionary technology that kills or converts airborne contaminants with ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation.

U.S. Military tested and fielded, Bluezone’s ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation technology is a breakthrough approach to air purification; instead of capturing and concentrating airborne contaminants in a particle filter or activated carbon, Bluezone kills or converts chemical and biological impurities. In other words, microbes are killed, and chemicals are broken down so that the air circulated through the Bluezone comes out clean and fresh.

Bluezone works by drawing air into a self-contained reaction chamber. To achieve maximum kill-rate, Bluezone attacks different airborne contaminants differently. Some airborne contaminants such as ethylene are converted to H2O and CO2 via an oxidation process. Other airborne contaminants such as fungus-like powdery mildew or botrytis are killed instantly with Bluezone’s self-contained ultraviolet light. Oxidation and ultraviolet irradiation happen completely inside the reaction chamber, which is engineered to address the specific microbial and chemical contaminants in growhouses and produce storage.

Bluezone is a proven technology that has been tested by third parties.

Intertek Test Report  (Click Here to view full  test report)

Primaira Test Report (Click Here to view full test report)

Bluezone is extremely effective, safe, and affordable.

Bluezone Technology Compared to Traditional Purification Solutions for Growhouses

Bluezone Technology Compared to Traditional Purification Solutions for Produce Storage