In medical facilities, viruses such as coronavirus and influenza may transmit from person to person via airborne aerosols.

  • Infectious viruses such as novel coronavirus and influenza spread via airborne aerosols released from a cough, sneeze, or even normal breathing.
  • Infectious airborne coronavirus aerosols can be suspended in the air for up to 30 hours which is why continuous air cleaning is recommended.
  • In a field study published in 2020, Coleman & Sigler report that “A single infectious sneeze can result in 40,000 aerosolized droplets, and can persist in the air for up to 30 hours… Airborne transmission can account for approximately half of all house-hold influenza A virus transmission events.”
  • Continuous air cleaning is an equally important approach to reducing the transmission of viruses from person to person just as washing hands and sanitizing surfaces are.
  • Bluezone products achieve the highest level of microbial kill using UV enhanced oxidation.

Effective air cleaning is a critical element of infection management and risk mitigation, and Bluezone products are highly effective at killing airborne viral loads. Air cleaning is often overlooked, but easily addressed using air cleaners such as Bluezone. For more information on preventing the spread of viral and bacterial infections, read this Virus Mitigation White Paper.

The Bluezone Model 420, can be key to reducing the transmission of influenza or corona viruses in medical facilities. For more information on this model, please visit our product page.

Bluezone currently being certified to kill coronavirus and influenza. Bluezone products are critical elements of hygiene programs to minimize health and safety risks for molds, bacteria and virus.

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