Cold Storage

Air purification is essential across the global supply chain.

During mixed load transport, rising ethylene levels cause overripening and decay.

  • Ethylene is a naturally occurring plant hormone that promotes ripening in fresh fruits and vegetables. Without air purification, ethylene can cause huge losses during mixed load transport due to overripening.
  • Some FF&V are more ethylene sensitive and therefore ripen or damage quicker than other FF&V. Storing ethylene producing crops with ethylene sensitive crops can be difficult and sometimes unachievable without a proven air purification solution such as Bluezone.

The Bluezone Model 2400 was developed specifically for the destruction of ethylene to extend the shelf life of produce in U.S. Army FF&V shipping containers sent to troops overseas. Extensive testing was performed for the U.S. Army before implementation. Test results are available via our case studies page. For more information on the Model 2400, please visit our product page.

In refrigeration units, mold, bacteria, and VOCs spoil produce and promote flavor transfer.

  • When uncontrolled, ethylene, a naturally occurring plant hormone that promotes ripening, builds up in enclosed refrigeration units. High levels of ethylene significantly shorten the life cycle of FF&V, causing produce loss and diminished quality.
  • Mold and bacteria grow in refrigeration environments, threatening storage contents with infection and decay.
  • Without quality air purification, flavor transfer occurs between nearby foods. Pungent foods release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that react with nearby products, causing unpleasant transfers of flavor i.e. fish and pasta.

The Bluezone Model 300, designed for walk-in coolers, and the Reach-in Refrigerator Model, are designed to keep refrigeration environments free of damaging contaminants and extend the shelf life of produce. For more information on these models, please visit our product page.