Indoor Farming

“We’ve been using Bluezone air purifiers in our vertical indoor farm for over a year now and have experienced great results. We are committed to offering our customers the safest, healthiest approach to cultivate fresh greens. Bluezone products have given us a path to grow year-round indoors without chemical treatments for plant disease. After an initial trial of Bluezones effectiveness, we purchased enough units to outfit our entire facility. We control every aspect of the growing environment to keep our plants healthy. We rely on Bluezone to prevent airborne diseases that can devastate an indoor farm.  Bluezone is a key part of our success.”

Michelle Keller, Head Grower, Living Greens Farm

In growhouses, botrytis and powdery mildew can wipe out entire harvests.

  • Airborne diseases such as powdery mildew and botrytis decrease plant growth, yields, and quality, and have the potential to wipe out entire grows.
  • Indoor facilities are especially vulnerable when cannabis plants are budding. Airborne spores easily attach to the bud’s trichome resin and infect the cannabis flower.
  • Because of latency periods longer than two weeks, the early stages of both powdery mildew and botrytis are difficult to diagnose. That gives the disease a minimum of two weeks to spread before a problem is evident, which is why continuous air cleaning is recommended.

The Bluezone Model 420 has been used and implemented in indoor grows across the United States and Canada to help prevent powdery mildew, botrytis, fusarium and other airborne pathogens. Bluezone is a proven technology that has been tested by third parties for microbial performance. Intertek Laboratory certified Bluezone to have a 99.9% kill rate of both bacteria and mold. View the Intertek test report here.


  • Extensive field testing on the performance of Bluezone in various indoor growing environments is available via our case studies page.
  • For technical information on how Bluezone helps prevent powdery mildew and other dangerous pathogens, please visit our technology page.