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In the latest Facilities Management Journal, Bluezone Co-Founder and CEO Karen Benedek discusses how to navigate facility safety in a post-mask world. While masks offer protection, they are not a permanent solution.

Thankfully, businesses have options to take greater control of their environments and offer safer, more comfortable spaces… installing technology that proactively kill viral aerosols rebalances the burden of safety from occupants protecting themselves to the building protecting its occupants.”

Karen Benedek, Co-Founder & CEO of Bluezone Products, Inc.

Read the full white paper here or download it below.

About Bluezone Products, Inc.
Bluezone Products, Inc. is dedicated to helping people safely get back to work, school and recreation during the COVID pandemic. We proudly create scientifically tested air purifiers that offer safety and fresh preservation solutions to our customers. Bluezone Products Inc. is reinventing the science of fresh air. The Bluezone Model 450 uses germicidal UV-C to kill airborne viruses, keeping the viral load low and mitigating transmission from person-to-person.

Bluezone technology was initially developed in Woburn, MA for the US military. The Model 450 is also certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health (a world leader in COVID mitigation) as 1 of 4 air cleaners to be both highly effective and safe against SARS-CoV-2. Independent testing confirmed that the Bluezone Model 450 reduces airborne virus by 99.9995%. Bluezone air cleaners are also used in other K-12 schools, higher education, medical offices, business offices, daycare facilities and restaurant dining areas.