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About Bluezone

Our Mission

We at Bluezone Products, Inc. are dedicated to helping people safely get back to work, school and recreation during the Covid-19 pandemic. We proudly create scientifically tested air purifiers that offer safety and fresh preservation solutions to our customers.

Bluezone Products, Inc. is reinventing the science of fresh air.

About Us

By applying our U.S. military-developed technology, Bluezone Products, Inc. creates clean and healthy spaces to live and work, grow crops, and store food.

Our products for occupied spaces reduce the risk of spreading airborne viruses inside buildings. Our wide range of commercial and custom products keep every link of the global perishable supply chain Bluezone-fresh for maximum product quality, employee health, and financial return.

Our Story

Back in 2006, the U.S. Military had difficulty delivering fruits and vegetables to troops overseas due to over-ripening and decay. To solve this problem, the U.S. Military contracted Primaira, a product development company, to design a system that extends the shelf life of fresh produce. Owners of Primaira, Karen Benedek and Phil Carbone, developed Bluezone fresh preservation technology to eliminate ethylene, a naturally occurring plant hormone emitted by many fruits and vegetables that promotes over-ripening. After U.S. Military testing and evaluation, Bluezone units were installed in all American aircraft carriers where they remain to this day. Inspired by the positive impacts of their work, Karen and Phil formed Bluezone Products, Inc., a company dedicated to expanding the reach and application of this revolutionary technology. Bluezone Products, Inc. is reinventing the science of freshness.


Bluezone is based on the highest levels of technical achievement. Our technology awards include:

US Army Achievement Awards
Kitchen Innovation Award 2015 National Restaurant Assoc.

2 U.S. Patents,
4 International Patents

Global Trademark Registration
U.S. Small Business Innovation Awards (5 years running)

MassVentures START Award
(Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3)