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The Bluezone PK-220 can be installed in multiple orientations to best fit your room to room needs.

Floor mounted Bluezones are best for quick installations with adequate floor space. Floor mounted units are easily accessible for maintenance and visible to building occupants. Visible air cleaners are important for occupants that require frequent confirmation of protection.

Wall mounted Bluezones are an unobtrusive installation method that remains visible to occupants. All units are shipped with a mounting cleat that secures to the wall via two wall studs. Wall mounting creates an air flow pattern that pulls viruses up and away from occupants faces. Installation should be within 10 feet of a standard wall outlet to ensure the power cord reaches the outlet.

Ceiling mounted Bluezones are unobtrusively and seamlessly installed into a 2’x4’ drop-ceiling tile opening. In this orientation, Bluezone creates an airflow pattern that pulls viruses up and away from occupants faces. The Bluezone PK-220 is shipped ready for ceiling mount installation. An electrician is required to hardwire the unit because it is above the ceiling grid. If drop-ceiling tiles are a different size, a custom cut tile is possible to seamlessly accept the Bluezone.

We’re happy to provide room to room guidance for ideal installation locations and methods. Send us your floor plans, pictures or schedule an onsite meeting with an air quality expert.


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