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Kill viruses with tried and true germicidal UV-C

New variant, new wave, same problem. Address the endless waves with a tried and true technology that kills airborne viruses quietly, efficiently and without the use of filters.

UV technology has been used for disease mitigation for over a century: Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen won a Nobel Prize in 1903 for the treatment of tuberculosis with UV. Today, UV technology is recommended by the CDC, FDA, ASHRAE and The White House as an effective virus mitigation solution.

Bluezone CEO, Karen Benedek, wrote a whitepaper that discusses the various technologies building owners and operators can implement to create a safe and healthy building:

“Installing technology that proactively kills viral aerosols rebalances the burden of safety from occupants protecting themselves to the building protecting its occupants.”

To learn more about creating a safe and healthy building with UV technology, please read Karen’s full whitepaper, Uncharted Territory, here.


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