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Does your hierarchy of controls include virus elimination?

Covid-19, the never-ending occupational hazard facility managers and building owners and operators have dealt with for the past three years. We’ve made major leaps forward as a community, but the hazard still exists today. As students and teachers prepare for the school year and workers begin to return to the office, building owners and operators must implement a virus elimination control to create a safe and healthy building.

Schools and businesses eliminated the virus by teaching or working remotely, but the negative effects on student development and business operation proved too excessive. The good news is building owners and operators don’t have to settle for a less effective control.

Bluezone in-room air cleaners are a virus elimination control that kill SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses at the source. Military-developed and scientifically-proven, Bluezone air cleaners use germicidal UV-C light in a self-contained reaction chamber to kill airborne viruses; building occupants have no interaction with the cleaning process. Air cleaners are strategically installed based on room layout to create an airflow pattern that immediately pulls viruses up and away from occupants and eliminates them.

Elimination is the most effective strategy in a hierarchy of controls. Don’t settle for less. Implement a virus elimination control to create a safer workplace that keeps occupants safe and healthy and prepares the building for future outbreaks.

For more information on Bluezone as a virus elimination control, visit our website or contact us.


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