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Enter the Bluezone

Military-developed, scientifically-proven, UV air cleaning

Bluezone was originally developed and successfully implemented for the U.S. military to deliver fresh food to the American troops overseas. Shipping containers filled with fruits and vegetables used to feed the American troops in Iraq arrived decayed and inedible because of poor air quality in the shipping container. Following successful implementation with the U.S. army, the U.S. navy adopted the technology for the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet. Bluezone air cleaners installed on U.S. aircraft carriers over ten years ago are still delivering Bluezone clean air today.

Bluezone is also helping people safely get back to work, school and recreation by providing Bluezone clean air to K-12 schools, higher education, daycares, corporate offices, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and places of worship.

Bluezone air cleaning is based on the highest levels of technical achievement and received numerous awards in innovation. 


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