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Fig Study

Field Test Results Comparing Bluezone® Fresh Preservation Technology to Fungicidal Spray Treatment


In a month long test, Bluezone significantly outperformed fungicidal spray treatment in the reduction of mold on figs.



Compare the effectiveness of Bluezone preservation technology to a fungicidal spray treatment in a fig store room.

Methods and Materials

The test took place at the end of the fig season in the Turkey Bursa Region under the approval of the owner of the storage operation. Mold levels on figs stored in three rooms (each ≈450m³) were monitored and compared.  Each room had a different mold treatment approach.

Test Setup:

Room 1:

  • Standard chilled environment
  • No mold treatment

Room 2:

  • Standard chilled environment
  • Figs treated with a fungicide spray

Room 3:

  • Standard chilled environment
  • Room had one Bluezone Model 2400 operating continuously

Test Duration:

Room 1:

  • After a storage time of 21 days the figs reached their storage time limit and were released for sale to avoid unacceptable waste levels.

Room 2:

  • After a storage time of 30 days (accepted as maximum storage time for fungicidal spray treated figs) the test was stopped and two crates were placed in ambient environment.

Room: 3

  • After a storage time of 30 days, the test was stopped to compare to the spray treatment figs. Two crates were placed in the ambient environment.


Once placed at ambient temperatures, the development of mold on crates from the Bluezone room was significantly slower than the mold on crates from the fungicidal spray treatment room.

The taste and quality of the figs from the spray treatment and Bluezone rooms were examined. The taste was acceptable from both rooms. From both rooms the figs had started to lose water weight due to drying from chilling air.


The tests show that reducing the mold count in the air can extend shelf life of figs even at ambient air temperatures.  Slightly higher temperature storage reduces energy cost and risk of chill damage. Keeping the ambient storage air free from mold and yeast spores, bacteria and ethylene by using Bluezone technology will save on energy cost, product weight loss, and losses from mold.