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Gungen Maritime & Trading Testimonial for the Bluezone Model 300

“Our company, Güngen Maritime & Trading A/Ş, is a spinoff of the former marine operations department within Güngen Foreign Trade Co. Ltd., which was founded in 1976 as a family owned company. As of its maiden day, the company-chartered tanker tonnage, necessary for its world-wide molasses trade. In the 80s, the volume of operated and time-chartered vessels grew to such an extent that by 1990 a new company was formed; the Güngen Denizcilik ve Ticaret A/Ş (Güngen Maritime & Trading A/Ş).

Today, Güngen Maritime & Trading A/Ş owns and operates a fleet of high-spec SUEZMAX type crude-oil tankers. All aspects of these ships, from Design to Crewing, Technical and Commercial issues, are managed in-house. Our ships are equipped to accommodate up to 33 seafarers. It is of utmost importance for us to provide our seafarers with fresh and safe nutrition, even throughout the long ocean passages, some of which can last up to 30 days.

When we first learned about Bluezone Fresh Preservation Technology, we understood that this technology could potentially contribute to extending the shelf life of our vegetables and fruit, during these long voyages. Therefore, we ordered the BLZ for our Ottoman Tenacity. Our crew installed the system inside the ships 26m³ (920ft³ ) walk-in cold room for vegetables and fruit. Our extensive testing on board (more than 3 months), under supervision of the ship’s captain and cook, proved that Bluezone technology keeps vegetables and fruit fresh up to double their standard shelf life.

Naturally, within 1.5 years after our first investment in a Bluezone unit, we equipped all our ships’ vegetables and fruit stores with the easy to install (plug and play) Bluezone 300s. We can now confidently inform our counterparts in the industry that the Bluezone system has helped reduce our food waste as well as contributed to healthier meals, hence better seafarer moods and therefore proven to be an indispensable investment for our ships.”