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Cannabis Flower Room Study

Effectiveness of Bluezone® Model 420 in a Cannabis Flower Room


In a one day test, Bluezone decreased microbial load in a cannabis flower room by 90%.



Test the impact of Bluezone on microbial load and VOC levels at a grow facility.

Methods and Materials

  • Microbial testing was conducted in a flower room before and after Bluezone operation. The flower room was tested before Bluezone installation. After testing, Bluezone was installed in the flower room and ran for 24 hours.
  • VOC measurements were made at the inlet and outlet of an operating Bluezone. Measurements were made to determine the effectiveness of Bluezone at eliminating VOCs.


Test results from flower room air sampling shows dramatic reduction of microbial load after only one day of Bluezone operation.

Measurement of VOC levels in corridor outside grow rooms shows near complete (>99%) removal of VOCs by Bluezone.


Results suggest Bluezone Model 420 greatly improves air quality by killing airborne mold, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants in cannabis flower rooms.