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Cannabis Trim Room Study

The Bluezone Model 420 helps prevent dangerous mold growth and contamination inside grow facilities. 


In a month long test, Bluezone reduced microbial load in a cannabis trim room by as much as 94%. 



Test effectiveness of a Bluezone Model 420 in a cannabis trim room.

Methods and Materials

Microbial sampling was performed in the trim room.

  • The trim room is 7,900 cubic feet.
  • 4 separate days of testing were performed.
  • Testing days were a week apart.
  • The trim room was in full operation during all 4 testing days. 
  • One Bluezone Model 420 was installed after completion of day 2 sampling.

Testing was conducted with an air sampling pump on agar plates. 

  • Air is pulled through an air pump onto two different types of agar plates: MEA for mold and fungi and TSA for bacteria.
  • After sampling, plates are incubated. 
    – CFUs (colony forming units) are counted on each plate and used to calculate CFU / m3.
    – A probable statistical total count was used to calculate the most accurate CFU / m3.


After Bluezone was installed, airborne mold decreased by 94% and airborne bacteria decreased by 90%. The graph and photos of agar plates before and after Bluezone reveal the significant impact Bluezone had on the air quality in the trim room. Microbial load was extremely high on the two sampling days prior to the installation of a Bluezone Model 420. Trimming and grinding cannabis seems to contribute to the high microbial loads.


Bluezone dramatically reduces microbial load in cannabis trim rooms. Bluezone helps prevent dangerous airborne mold growth and contamination inside grow facilities using UV enhanced oxidation technology. Eliminating mold in the trim room should also lower microbial load throughout the facility. The decrease in mold counts improves working conditions.