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Raso’s Grille

Effectiveness of Bluezone® Model 300 in Raso’s Grille Walk-in Cooler


In a 4 month test, Bluezone increased shelf life of produce, reduction of airborne microbial load, and reduced food odor.


Test effectiveness of a Bluezone Model 300 in a restaurant walk-in cooler.


Bluezone was installed in Raso’s Grille walk-in cooler. The walk-in cooler is 1200 cubic feet and used to hold seafood, meats, cheeses, cooked food, and produce. After installation and operation of Bluezone Model 300,  restaurant owner and head chef were impressed with the fresh smell and lack of food odor in the walk-in. They also noticed longer shelf life of their produce, particularly figs and berries. Airborne sampling was conducted before and after installation of the Bluezone Model 300. After sampling showed a reduction of airborne microbial load. Bluezone, mounted behind the evaporator fans, takes up no usable space in the walk-in.


Bluezone increases shelf life of sensitive produce like figs and berries, reduces flavor transfer among foods by eliminating odors and reduces airborne microbial load in a walk-in cooler.