Raspberries Study

Field test results using Bluezone® Fresh Preservation Technology


In a shelf life extension trial, Bluezone extended the shelf life of raspberries by an additional week.


Test how long Bluezone Fresh Preservation Technology can extend shelf life in raspberries.

Methods and Materials

Ideal Tarim AS, a Turkish fruit distributor, conducted a shelf life extension trial of raspberries using Bluezone Model 2400 Fresh Preservation Technology.  Prior to the storage room trial, the raspberries had been graded and transported for 4-5 days from Holland to Turkey. The air quality of the storage room was tested for microbial load after one day of Bluezone operation. The air was found to be clear of contaminants, with no detection of yeast or mold spores. Two additional air quality tests at alternative laboratories were conducted to confirm the first finding.  The original findings were confirmed.


Ideal Tarim found that raspberry shelf life in the Bluezone storage room was 4 to 7 days longer than achieved with conventional storage.


Bluezone fresh preservation technology is an effective solution for significantly extending the shelf life of raspberries.