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As COVID-19 continues to be highly contagious, especially indoors, PurifySpaces by Red Thread offers effective air cleaning using Bluezone® technology

BOSTON, Mass., USA — September 3, 2020 — Red Thread, a New England technology, furniture and architectural systems integrator, today announced a new addition to its portfolio of workplace re-entry solutions called PurifySpaces. With the goal of driving innovation and employee engagement, Red Thread continues to lead in workplace transformation. This breakthrough air purification system, featuring Bluezone technology, kills airborne pathogens and returns pure air into interior environments. Red Thread partnered with Bluezone to integrate this technology into custom furniture cabinets for corporate, health, and learning spaces.

Originally developed for the U.S. military, Bluezone achieves a 99.98% kill rate against aerosolized MS2, a SARS-CoV-2 surrogate virus, within 120 minutes. Bluezone attacks contamination near its source, continuously circulating air through Bluezone’s germicidal UV-C light reaction chamber to maintain optimal air quality. The CDC, FDA and 239 scientists who wrote an open letter to the W.H.O. all recommend using germicidal UV-C to mitigate airborne transmission.

“PurifySpaces can help organizations gain employee trust by instilling confidence that their work environments are safe and protected,” said John Mitton, VP of Audiovisual Technology at Red Thread. “Managing compliance and safety will be an ongoing challenge for any workplace re-entry strategy, even with comprehensive post-COVID protocols. Effective air cleaning is a critical element of infection management and risk mitigation for any space—whether it’s a distance learning classroom or two-person enclave.”

Available in both tower and credenza models, it integrates into a custom cabinet designed to blend into the decor of any space.  There are over 100 laminate surface finishes to choose from, with custom and antimicrobial options available. The cabinet provides proper air flow ventilation and easy access to the technology. Contaminated air is drawn in, while clean air is exhausted through an airflow vent system. Designed and engineered to run 24/7, PurifySpaces continuously treats the air at a quiet, ambient sound level. This sophisticated air purification system also has a one-year warranty for parts and a service plan available for ongoing maintenance.


Bluezone funded lab tests by Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratory and Intertek Laboratory to test the performance of Bluezone against virus, mold, and bacteria in a real-world application. Bluezone demonstrated a 99.98% elimination of a coronavirus surrogate, MS2 bacteriophage, a 99.9% reduction of airborne fungi and a 99.9% reduction of airborne bacteria. Bluezone is also ETL, NSF, and California ozone certified.

To learn more about Red Thread’s post-COVID technology solutions including RapidEntry, Amplify Teamwork, and now PurifySpaces, access the Workplace Re-Entry Program or visit for more information on pricing and lead time.

About Red Thread:

Red Thread helps organizations transform workplaces that drive employee engagement. We do this by integrating furniture, technology, and architectural systems to create productive environments—in the office or at home.

Red Thread was established in 2012 when Office Environments of New England, BKM Total Office and Business Interiors joined forces as a regional enterprise. We now staff nearly 500 collaborative, resourceful, and strategic employees. As a wholly owned affiliate of Steelcase Inc., we also partner with more than 475 other product lines, helping us deliver the most comprehensive portfolio. We support you from our nine offices and three warehouses located throughout New England.

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About Bluezone Products Inc.
Bluezone Products Inc. provides innovative environmental control products that maintain every link of the global perishable supply chain at maximum product quality and yield.  U.S. Military tested and approved, Bluezone technology is a breakthrough approach to air purification; instead of capturing and concentrating airborne contaminants in a filter, Bluezone kills or converts chemical and biological impurities. Bluezone Products Inc. is reinventing the science of freshness.

Bluezone Products, Inc. is headquartered in Woburn, MA with a sales network across U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia. More information may be found at