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Highville Charter School and Change Academy outfits facilities with germicidal, UV air purifiers to protect against coronavirus.

NEW HAVEN, CT, USA, October 5, 2021/ —  Students are back at the Highville Charter School and Change Academy in New Haven, CT this fall with an added level of protection against the coronavirus. In addition to expected masking and distancing protocols, Highville has outfitted the entire school with Bluezone® germicidal UV-C air purifiers, manufactured in Woburn, MA, that continuously clean the air of viral aerosols.K-12 Classroom

Cleaning the air in each room with properly sized, lab-tested, and safety-certified air cleaners reduces the viral load mitigating the risk of virus transmission with no loss of personal comfort and no additional limitations on operations.

Bluezone Products, Inc. Director of Operations, Michael Carbone, described more specific benefits of the Bluezone installation: “A majority of Highville’s Bluezone units are installed into the ceiling tiles: airborne viral aerosols are pulled up and away from the students and staff, into the Bluezone units where the virus is totally inactivated. Air flow pattern as well as air cleaning matters. Unlike portable air cleaners, there is no air blowing directly on students or staff, and, there are no exposed power cords to trip over. The Bluezones are programmed to run 6am-6pm every day. There are no filters to replace. In fact, operated this way, there is no maintenance required for 2 years.”

The way that coronavirus is spread is well understood and unambiguous: Virus transmission occurs indoors, in under-ventilated spaces, where viral loads are high. Ultraviolet light, safely contained in a stand-alone air purifier, is well established and defined by the FDA, CDC, EPA and ASHRAE as an effective virus mitigation technology, “I wanted to use the best technology I could to increase the safety of our students, teachers, and staff”, explained Ebony West, Director of Business Operations of Highville. “We work as hard as we can to make sure the kids wear their masks and keep their distance, but killing the virus in the air reduces risk without adding any more inconvenience or stresses on the kids. I know that every room is being cleaned continuously and effectively. It is greatly reassuring”.

The Highville Charter School and Change Academy installed 103 Bluezone air purifiers over three weekends, with no disruption or downtime to students or staff. Since Bluezone installation, a COVID outbreak has not occurred at Highville.


About Highville Charter School and Change Academy
Highville Charter School is a PreK-12th grade program educating approximately 500 students from the Greater New Haven area as well as students from communities as far away as Bridgeport, Meriden and Middletown. We are an enterprising and caring community with strong parent and community involvement. Staff, parents, and community members work together to prepare and instill a desire for all learners to confidently use technology, think globally and develop the academic and social skills necessary to become globally conscious citizens and leaders. At Highville, education is not a destination, but a process of learning, growing and participating as part of a community committed to supporting the intellectual development, insight and curiosity of all individuals. Highville offers a unique opportunity for children who thrive in small classroom sizes with strong staff support and differentiated instructional methods to meet individual needs. Highville also provides support for children who are not just learning more about technology but improving their digital literacy skills. Highville teachers and staff have created a cooperative learning environment where students, parents, staff and the community share the responsibility for student achievement and success.

About Bluezone Products, Inc.
Bluezone Products, Inc. is dedicated to helping people safely get back to work, school and recreation during the COVID pandemic. We proudly create scientifically tested air purifiers that offer safety and fresh preservation solutions to our customers. Bluezone Products Inc. is reinventing the science of fresh air. The Bluezone Model 450 uses germicidal UV-C to kill airborne viruses, keeping the viral load low and mitigating transmission from person-to-person. Bluezone technology was initially developed in Woburn, MA for the US military. The Model 450 is also certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health (a world leader in COVID mitigation) as 1 of 4 air cleaners to be both highly effective and safe against SARS-CoV-2. Independent testing confirmed that the Bluezone Model 450 reduces airborne virus by 99.9995%. Bluezone air cleaners are also used in other K-12 schools, higher education, medical offices, business offices, daycare facilities and restaurant dining areas.

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Coronavirus may be transmitted via aerosols