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Why Bluezone

In occupied spaces, viruses can transmit from person to person through infectious airborne aerosols.

SARS-CoV-2 can remain in the air for up to 16 hours. Continuous and effective purification using germicidal UV-C technology is the key to mitigating indoor viral spread of Covid-19 and other airborne viruses.

Germicidal UV-C air cleaning is an essential piece of maintaining comprehensive hygiene protocol in occupied indoor spaces, and Bluezone products are highly effective at killing airborne viral loads.

The Bluezone Model 450 demonstrated a 99.9995% elimination of MS2 bacteriophage, an accepted SARS-CoV-2 surrogate.

The CDC, FDA, EPA, ASHRAE, and a panel of 239 scientists recommend germicidal UV-C as an effective virus mitigation technology.

Germicidal UV-C technology is a highly effective way to mitigate indoor spread of viruses and bacteria. Indoor spaces such as classrooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, locker rooms, dining areas, common areas, waiting rooms, offices, bathrooms, and elevators pose a high risk for airborne transmission.

The Bluezone Model 450 air purifier seamlessly retro-fits into existing buildings. Bluezone’s ceiling kits fit easily and unobtrusively into suspended ceilings. For buildings lacking suspended ceilings, custom cabinetry is available. Bluezone is committed to helping people safely get back to work, school, and recreation and works with clients nationwide to provide custom air purification solutions.

Bluezone Germicidal UV-C Technology

Bluezone Germicidal UV-C Technology
  1. Air is pulled into the Bluezone
  2. UV-C bulbs inactivate/kill airborne viruses and disinfect the air
  3. Purified air is returned to the space

Sizing Recommendations

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